Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Girl Power

Hey guys :D
me again! In would you guess it, Spell of course. This playsuit is absolutely and utterly so beautiful! I originally wanted the other cut and was a bit bummed when it sold out so when these off-the-shoulder babies came up I knew I had to have one and the pink is just divine. I played around and popped it with a few different things, Spell belt, Birkies, big hat, Dad's old leather jacket. I feel like a bit of a wally in some of these pics (but then again actually I always do) and I once again I had a little struggle with myself about whether to post them, what people would think, why are you doing this. And then I came up with the answer I always come up with. You love it. You would do it even if nobody was seeing it, you've loved playing dress ups since you could walk. A long time ago somebody told me that getting dressed is a really important part of your day, getting dressed in things you love helps you feel more confident, it can be a flag you put up that says, I love this and I've taken care to pick this and I feel damn good in it. So I go on and I put these up and I hope if nothing else that you laugh with me (or judge my Spell obsession heavily hehehe I don't mind) or have the guts to put on a pair of shoes you think are too formal for going out for coffee, or sequins to the bloody supermarket. I've also been thinking a lot lately about self esteem, it's something we're looking into at uni. It's a funny thing to think about your self talk, and lately I've been trying really hard to think of myself as a babe. Haha what a sentence. Because we are all bloody massive babes! 
I know I have been talking in terms of style and appearance here, and it's hard to distinguish it all without sounding a bit shallow I think! Let me clarify here, obviously there is more to life than being ridiculously, ridiculously good looking haha, I think a babe is someone who is brave and kind and loving and who perseveres and I could list on and on and on, I know so many of them!
I also have been cranking along with #freakinbabethursday in my Insty to celebrate all the amazing women who inspire me. Anyway I think that is well and truly enough from me today hahaha 

Peace out
Kathhhhhh xx

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