Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kiss the Sky


Hi! I've had a super busy couple of months, and I am in the middle of exams, anddd my face wasn't really doing the right thing by me in most of these photos as usual, but I couldn't not share. This Kiss the Sky mini by Spell has probably got to be one of my fave Spell pieces ever. I'm always a bit iffy on getting short dresses because somehow I have a long body and quite long legs, so they are always really short on me, but I broke my rule and I'm glad I did! Also, I got these boots about four years ago secondhand in Byron and then when I came back to WA they went missing in the cave that is our house right up until yesterday. I had been searching high and low for them and then all of a sudden I walk into my dad's work room and they are there in plain sight! They remind me of the most random night that I had with my two friends Jess and Belle in Brunswick Heads. One of my favorite places in the whole world :D I am off to the wedding of one of my very good friends today so I have to go get ready (read: cry like a baby, happy tears) but hopefully I will be back very shortly to bring you some more of my pasty unedited legs and loyal dogs hehehe


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