Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year Fresh Feelzz

Happy new year everybody! 2017!

Mine has gotten off to a fantastic start with having Chris's dad over from Wollongong. Now Chris is back at work, I've whipped home for another quick trip and I feel so stoked that I have the time to do that again now. Having said that, mum and dad are in the midst of renting out their other house and putting flooring down in the one they are in, so it is a bit hectic and we only had the chance for a couple of quick photos. 

I have had my eye on this Tulle and Batiste  dress for the longest time, and it has ticked all the boxes. Stunning print, gorgeous sleeves, POCKETS, and delivered in record time from one of their stockists, Marine and Co. I want more already eeek! I am headed home to Perth shortly to hopefully make a start on a big summer cleanout of my wardrobe. With Chris and I looking to move in together sometime soon I really need to cull quite a lot. My normal approach is to try not to think too much about it, and then it's in the charity bin before I can save it. In theory, it would be nice to work with - hasn't been worn in six months, it's gotta go- but I just can't bring myself to, you never know when I might need to try to squeeze into bright orange vintage hot pants ;D

Fingers crossed I will be able to get down again in the next few weeks to keep this baby updated, until then football franddds

Lots of love 

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