Saturday, 9 August 2014

On a Glorious Day

I am back on the blog after a bit of a break. And I am back in Spell, which as we all know is my all time fave hehe. I put the Fleetwood blouse on layby in early July through Call Me the Breeze and paid it off pretty damn quickly so I could basically just stare at it - it is one of those pieces that I can barely bring myself to wear because it is just so beautiful! Meanwhile, I declared August a clothes buying free zone. It's been ok so far, but get back to me in a few days! It will be a good opportunity for me to delve further into what I already own for coming posts though I think. These shots were taken this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine with my Dad on camera and my Mum ordering me around to smell the flowers and get in amongst the undergrowth, hence why I am mid-mad-laugh in a few of these. It feels good to be back, I promise not to leave it three weeks this time!

Love and light
Kath x

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