Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Spring in My Step


Coming off the back of my August buying ban, I went into my wardrobe once again to see what goodies I had been neglecting. My Spell Crystal Visions muscle tee is pretty much a staple for me, but I decided I would team it with my Aloha Python shorts that you may have seen before on me in my post Working the Land (Not Really At All) back in May and one hell of a 1970s ski jacket my Dad gave me, that my aunty made even better with the eagle on the back! Throw in a pair of the raddest boots that my mum got in Italy in the 70s, and I am ready to roll with my trusty Westie Gracie by my side. Speaking of rolling, it has been an interesting couple of weeks in terms of working towards my dream of working in fashion retail. I had a job trial at a clothing store, and it was such a rewarding challenge to be able to help people find pieces! I wasn't sure if I would be capable of styling other people on the spot, but I think I did really well and am super proud of myself! I am yet to hear back so have your fingers crossed for me :) I have also been spending a fair bit of time trying on goodies at Lexi and Roy so expect to see some of that in the coming weeks now that I can buy again hehe

Love and light,

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