Monday, 16 June 2014

A Little Bit More

Evening lovers :)
Straight up, Casa Kuma for the pants and Rossioroos for the bag. Simple as that. These pants are THE business, you get on the comfort ship and sail right into lounging-around-harbour. Or something along those lines hehehe. I originally bought this bag as a present for my mum, but I try and steal it back wherever possible because it fits so much in it and is a definite head turner, the colours are delicious. The first couple of pics are taken down near the river, where I usually walk the dogs. I love watching them run around and have the time of their lives while I meander along in the sunshine. My ever suffering photographer Dad struggled again to get me to act normally in front of the camera (see my shots pretending to shoot a ball a la Liz Lemon haha) because I get all stiff and weird, but every time we go out I think he manages to bring out just a little bit more gold in me ;)

Love and light

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