Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Winter Warmer

Afternoon lovers!
My mum and dad's wardrobes have always proved very useful for cool vintage stuff, and this poncho my mum got in London in the 1970s is no exception. I chucked it on over the Wow Cardi from Free People because I'm loving maxi cardigans and layering. It also reminded me of being in Europe myself and winter sophistication, so of course I dug out a pair of my old heeled boots and dragged my dad to the obvious shoot location, the local footbridge. My heels got stuck and filthy with every step I took, and it was no place for them at all, but who cares! It can be really hard to stop yourself from worrying over what other people think about you, and some days you take steps forward and sometimes you take steps back. Being able to express myself through my wardrobe is something that helps me with this no end, and challenges me as well. As for the heels, I can hardly believe I used to go dancing in these eeeek I'm surprised I never broke an ankle!

Love and light

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