Saturday, 5 July 2014

One of my (fashion) rules in life is...

Let me just start buy saying one of my (fashion) rules in life is, if I find a pair of vintage boots that I love and they fit me, I do my very best to buy them. That happened with these and another pair of boots I picked up in Byron a couple of years ago. I always love to think about the stories behind them, and it's not everyday that you can find something you love it and it be perfect for you ;) the only struggle I have is that I really love fringe too, and sometimes it is possible to just border on cowboy. I also really dig that they are from Byron because I just adore it there! Anyway a few days ago I was thinking to myself, man I really wish I had kind of a long wool coat... it pays to have a ferret around my parents' house for any wardrobe issues I might have because things just seem to turn up.. no deal but then I went into the spare cupboard at my sister's and bam, this beauty that my aunty passed down to me. Teamed with an Arnhem kimono (that I actually gave to my mum as a present mwahaha, check out their sale section at the mo, raddest maxi ones available) and a pair of old Cotton On shorts and my go to Asos singlet and I am reading to rumble. Possible not too much rumbling if it got any colder than today though hehe. My dog children making cameos once again ;)

Love and light

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