Saturday, 31 May 2014

Working the Land (not really at all)

I'm back dancing around the garden today, saying goodbye to Autumn! (and yes, jumping on the lawnmower for that very excellent last shot) I'm wearing the Hendrix Jacket by Amilita and the Python Aloha shorts by Spell Designs(no surprises there haha.) The shorts are a little too big for me (I'm in a 10, I could have gone an 8 but I'm always a bit unsure) but I figure I'm going to feed up over winter and they will be perfect by the time I pull them out again in Spring. My belt and True Romance tee are both op shop finds, and my boots are secondhand from a shop in Byron. (I always take it as a sign when vintage shoes fit me, that I should buy them and these are perfect.) This is a fairly uniform outfit for me, it's a pity as I mentioned I will have to shelve the shorts now it's getting colder! I think that's just about enough from me for now :)

Love and light,
Kath x 

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