Saturday, 3 May 2014

You'll Never Gnome Unless You Go


(uh owww amateur tag stick-out hehe)

My dad, my sister (pictured) and I took a weekend drive out to Gnomesville, which is basically an area on the side of the road that has just grown and grown with people leaving gnomes everywhere. (There are literally thousands upon thousands.) I received my new Spell Designs bells in the mail during the week so I decided to take them for a road test, and I actually never want to take them off! And, no really, what about THIS VEST from BackBite. I can't. I just can't.Teamed with secondhand boots I got from Byron when I was living in Ocean Shores, I sure have northern New South Wales on the brain. For now though, I am in Western Australia with my family and making the most of this time to see them and my friends here, develop my business with my dad, start this blog and get stuck into a heap of painting before my wandering heart can't sit still anymore. Setting little goals to help me look forward to things in the future and keep me busy is something I'm thinking about a lot this week, starting with getting three paintings finished by my birthday on the 18th of July, stay tuned for that!

Now go on and scram, or at least have a peek at my very fave Spell Designs here
The site I got my insanely red vintage vest here
and find my For Love and Lemons bra here

Love and light,

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